A mini explanation to get you started

First of all

Read our Terms of Service

Yes we know they are boring documents, but they explain everything you can and cannot do on this site. Spend 5 minutes to read up on it, and if something is not clear to you write to us, we'll get right back to you!

First of all

It costs nothing


Registration is free and only if you are registered will you be able to interact with sellers. Registration is very simple, but remember to confirm the link you will see in your inbox. An administrator will assess your registration request and enable you to use the portal. We advise you to fill in all data correctly.

You can also register from here:


Make yourself known

Create your profile

You can create your profile by inserting an avatar (image representing you) and some data that will then be shown automatically when you create your advertisements.

You can create it from the main menu or from here:


Make yourself known

There is a world to discover

Read the ads

Take a look at the ads posted and start finding out if there is anything interesting, by looking at the ads you will get to know the sellers and quickly learn how to write your next ad correctly



Make your first ad!

Great, you have something interesting to sell or trade. Then make your first ad. We recommend that you take good photos of your material, well defined and with an even background so that the subject can be seen at its best. Take one photo on each side and one from above so that the plant can be seen in all positions. Create your ad calmly and include all the required information. The more information you provide, the clearer the possible buyer will be about what you are selling.



And double-check before publishing

Be fair and honest!

When posting your asking price, check that it is consistent with the other adverts, and that it is placed in the correct category. A price that is not congruent with the proposed material may affect the possible sale. if you want you can also define the price as 'negotiable', so others will know that there is room for negotiation. Ads are in any case subject to moderation, and if something does not fit we will contact you before validating the ad.

Wait for a contact

All done!

Well, now your ad is published, double-check all the references you have provided so that no enquiry escapes you. When you are contacted, provide all the information requested by your contact and establish a relationship of mutual trust. If necessary 'fine-tune' by editing your ad.

Wait for a contact

Get noticed!

Boost your ad

Now that your ad is published, you can decide to 'enhance' it with the various options provided, you can make it look great, highlight it with borders and colours, or extend its duration. All this for the cost of a coffee. Try it out!


Buy a points package

Want to save on the cost of your ads? Buy one of the points packages you find in the menu, you will save money and with a minimal investment you will have plenty of points to make your adverts with confidence.


Expand your business!

Are you a professional?

If you are a professional with a VAT number, a certified instructor, a nursery worker or other, let us know by filling in the details in your profile. You will have access to the professional-only sections, where you can sell or exchange material with other colleagues in your sector. A B2B marketplace just for you is waiting for you. Of course, you can also continue to publish ads for hobbyists.

Always remember

We provide a tool for selling, but the sale of hobby products is always subject to the laws of your country/region. Always check with your trusted advisor to find out what your tax obligations are.